Constitution of School Management Committee under Section 21 of Right of Children to Free & Compulsory Act 2009

SMC has completed its two years tenure in July 2018 and fresh elections were held on 28/07/2018 .As per the Act   following are the members of newly constituted School Management Committee under SSA:-

Principal-cum-Convener – Mrs. Veena Kapur

  1. Chairman Mr. Sanjay Kumar Tripathi Parent Member                   Male
  2. Vice Chair Person, Mrs. Tuni Devi      Parent Member                   Female
  3. Mr.   Satish Kumar                                 Parent Member                   Male
  4. Mr.   Shamim Ahmed                              Parent Member                   Male
  5. Mr.   Vijay                                                  Parent Member                   Male
  6. Mr.   Ajay                                                 Parent Member                     Male
  7. Mr.   Mohd Shafi                                     Parent Member                   Male
  8. Mr.   Shiv Shankar                                  Parent Member                    Male
  9. Mr.   Vindeshvri                                       Parent Member                   Male
  10. Mr.   Pappu Kumar                                  Parent Member                    Male
  11. Mrs. Sudesh                                          Parent Member                    Female
  12. Mrs. Bindu                                              Parent Member                    Female
  13. Mrs. Neelam                                           Parent Member                    Female
  14. Mrs. Geeta                                               Parent Member                    Female
  15. Mrs. Mayawati                                         Parent Member                    Female
  16. Mrs. Nirmala                                           Parent Member                    Female
  17. Mrs. Sangeeta                                        Parent Member                   Female
  18. Mrs. Kusum                                            Parent Member                   Female
  19. Mr.   Vinod Sharma                              Teacher Member                 Male
  20. Mrs. Rosy Yadav                                     Teacher Member                Female
  21. Mrs. Priti Bansal                                      Teacher Member                Female
  22. Ms. Archana Sharma                            Teacher Member                Female
  23. Mr. Dalip Sharma                                 Ward Councillor                 Male
  24. Mr. Butta Singh                                               Social Worker                    Male

smc 2018

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