GMSSS26TM Chandigarh- Students Grievances Redresal Forum

Students Grievances Redresal Forum
Members of Forum :

  1. Mrs. Sudha Sharma      Lecture. in Hindi
  2. Mr.  Dharmvir Singh   DPE.
  3. Mrs. Usha Sharma        JBT Teacher & Incharge of Evening
  4. Mr. Umesh Soni          Chairman SMC.
  5. Mr.   Tuni Devi Vise     Chairman SMC.

Students can made Complaint to any members of Committee on any working day or can drop in the Compliant Box with his/her complete address.
Student Grievances Redressal Fourm will meet on every Friday at 01.15pm to 3.15pm in Room No 112 Ground Floor.
Committee will submit its report to Principal / Vice Principal for final decision.

Govt. Model Sr. Sec School
Sector-26 TM Chandigarh

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